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TransCanada Train Trips

If you want to take a Trans Canada Train trip, you have a few options:
1. Take the Rocky Mountaineer Train from Vancouver to Jasper National Park and then board the ViaRail train from Jasper to Toronto, Montreal or Halifax. 
2.  Take the ViaRail train from Vancouver to Jasper, Toronto, Montreal or Halifax


If you want more information about the train to Whistler, I’m sorry to say that trip is no longer available. The Whistler train stopped operating in 2015.


There are no trains that either begin or end in Calgary itself. The Rocky Mountaineer operated a train from Calgary to Banff and Vancouver for a number of years, but the Calgary to Banff leg of the trip was cancelled in 2015. But you can still either begin or end your train trip in Calgary. It’s just that the first leg or last leg of the trip will be by bus.

You can take the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Banff National Park and a shuttle from Banff to either downtown Calgary or Calgary airport. You can also fly to Calgary and take the Airport Shuttle from the Calgary airport to Banff National Park. The trip takes 2 hours by bus.


Rocky Mountaineer offered a train trip between Vancouver and Seattle from 2014-2018. If you want to take the train between Seattle and Vancouver, you can still do so with Amtrak.