FAQ: On the Rocky Mountaineer

Train crossing a small bridge

Rocky Mountaineer Trip Questions:

All Rocky Mountaineer packages are built on a 2 day 1 night train trip between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies: Lake Louise, Banff National Park or Jasper National Park. To this 2 day train trip, we add hotels and transfers.

What is the difference between Silverleaf, Goldleaf and Goldleaf Deluxe Service on the Rocky Mountaineer?

The Rocky Mountaineer offers two levels of service on the train. SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf.

GoldLeaf Service includes reserved seating under the elevated GoldLeaf Dome, breakfast and lunch in the GoldLeaf dining car and access to the GoldLeaf outdoor viewing platform. It also includes complimentary alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages on the train, overnight accommodations in Kamloops and transfers between the train and hotel in Kamloops.

SilverLeaf Service includes reserved seating in a custom built single level dome car, hot breakfast and lunch served at your seat, complimentary alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on the train, overnight accommodations in Kamloops and transfers between the train and hotel in Kamloops.

Follow this link for pictures of each level of service and a video shot on the train showing each level of service.

GoldLeaf Deluxe Service includes GoldLeaf Service on the train and upgraded hotel rooms at each destination. That includes larger rooms or rooms in better locations and/or with better views.

What meals are included with the Rocky Mountaineer train trip?

Breakfast and lunch are included both days you’re on the train. All other meals, except those included in individual packages, are on your own. We offer a meal plan that includes breakfasts and/or dinners. Let us know if you’re interested in getting more information about meal plans which vary by package. We have special menus as well: vegan, vegetarian, Indian Vegetarian, sodium free and gluten free.

What else in included in each package?

Trip inclusions vary by package, but all include transfers between your hotel and the train station, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches on the train, and a night at a hotel in Kamloops (between Vancouver and Lake Louise, Banff or Jasper) or Quesnel (between Whistler & Jasper).

What hotels do you use in Kamloops and the Rockies?

Hotels vary depending on the number of travelers, the time of year you travel and the level of service you choose. Here is a current list of all our hotel partners. Hotels in Kamloops, Whistler and Quesnel are chosen two weeks prior to travel. All other hotels are booked when you book your trip, so you will know where you are staying from the start.

Do we sleep on the train?

The Rocky Mountineer is an all daylight train. In other words, you don’t sleep on the train. You stop at the end of the day, and buses are waiting to take you to your hotel where you’ll spend the night. Of course, napping on the train is welcome and all the seats recline.

Does a train operate to or from Calgary?

There is no train service to or from Calgary. Rocky Mountaineer used to go to Calgary, but that train service ended in 2015. If you have a trip that begins or ends in Calgary, (Calgary airport is the closest major airport to the Rockies) your package will include transportation between the Rockies and Calgary. If you have a rental car, you will pick it up in the Rockies, and drop it off in Calgary, either downtown or at the airport.

What’s the seating like on the train?

There are four seats in each row, two on either side of the aisle. All seat face forward; however, if you are traveling with two other people, you can turn the two front seats around to face the two behind. And a table can be set up between you. Just ask the attendant. The seats are roomy, reclining and comfortable.

Are seats reserved? Do I get to choose where I sit?

All seats are reserved. You can request a particular car or seat or side of the train but because we have so many travelers to accommodate, you are not guaranteed the seat of your choice. And from personal experience I’d say that all the seats are good, on both sides since the scenery changes constantly. And if yu want an especially great view, the best place to get that is outside on the GoldLeaf vestibule and inside in the SilverLeaf vestibule with open windows.

Is there wifi or internet service on the train? Is smoking allowed on the train?

There is no internet service on the train. Your wifi will work sporadically when the train is going through a town. Smoking is not allowed in any area on the train, even on the outdoor vestibule or in the restrooms.