FAQs: Rocky Mountaineer Custom Trips

Canoes at serene Moraine Lake
Can Rocky Mountaineer packages be customized?

Yes. All Rocky Mountaineer train trips can be customized. The only thing we can’t change is the train schedule. We can add or subtract hotel nights to extend your trip or make it a little shorter.

Can I have a SilverLeaf package with a GoldLeaf upgrade on the train?

Yes. Some people love elegant hotel rooms with all the amenities. Others want to be out exploring and only want a place to sleep at night. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate you. If you want to experience the GoldLeaf train car but don’t need to stay in luxury accommodations, then we can give you a SilverLeaf package with an upgrade to GoldLeaf on the train.

What if I want to experience the famous railroad hotels in the Rockies, can I do that no matter what package I choose?

Yes as long as your trip includes a night in Banff and a night at Lake Louise. Many people are familiar with the world renowned Chateau Lake Louise and staying there is an essential part of their trip to the Canadian Rockies. If that’s what you want, then we have several packages that include a night or longer at the Chateau. Just let us know you want to stay at the Chateau Lake Louise and we can make it happen. Take a look, for example at our Lovely Lake Louise package.

If you choose this package, you will have the pleasure of taking the Rocky Mountaineer to Lake Louise and arriving at the hotel just in time for dinner. And you’ll have the following morning free to explore the hotel and the spectacular Lake Louise.

Can I also stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs?

Yes, you can. Just let us know that you want to stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs, and we’ll do the rest. Take a look, for example, at our 4 night Canadian Rockies Experience package. It includes two nights in Banff National Park and those nights can be at the Banff Springs.

Can I add a rental car to my package so I can explore on my own?

Yes, we can add a car that you can pick up or drop off in Vancouver, Jasper National Park, Banff National Park or Calgary. You’ll get a full size car with unlimited mileage and prices will include drop off fees. Prices depend on where you pick up the car, where you drop it off and how long you have it. But the price will probably be less than you expect.

Can I add a meal plan to my Rocky Mountaineer train package?

Yes, we can add breakfasts and/or dinners to any Rocky Mountaineer trip. Just let us know how many meals you’d like and we’ll do the rest. If you choose a meal plan, your meals will be served in the hotel where you’re staying.

Can I also take things out of my package? I don’t want a helicopter tour and my package includes one.

Yes. If you don’t want to take a helicopter trip, we will remove it from your package and adjust the price accordingly. The same is true of other package components. You can take things our or substitute one item for another. Let us know what you want and we will arrange it.