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We respond to EVERY inquiry. If you don’t receive a response, it means there was a problem with your email address and the reply bounced or went into your spam. Please double check your email address and contact us again if you don’t get a reply within two days.

We use the following details to provide you with the most useful and accurate information in the most timely way. We never sell, give, loan or share your information.
  • Your phone number gives us a way to contact you if your email bounces and also tells us whether you live in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia or some other location.
  • We contact you by email initially unless you specifically request a phone call.
  • Most Canadian Rockies trips begin in either Vancouver or Calgary. Round trip packages begin and end in Vancouver. US Rockies trips can begin in Denver, Moab, Las Vegas or Salt Lake City.
  • Most people end their trip in Calgary because they can fly home from Calgary airport. If you want to end someplace else, let us know.
  • The price of your trip depends, in part, on how many people stay in the same room.
  • This field is optional. If you provide this information, we will hold space on the train and in the hotels for 3 days while you think over your trip..
  • If you have a specific date, please provide it. If you have an idea about when you want to travel, that's good enough.
  • Trips range from 2 days and 1 night to 13 days and 12 nights, and the price depends, in part, on the length of your trip.
  • GoldLeaf Service costs about CDN$800 more per person than SilverLeaf. It includes seating in the Dome Car, chef prepared meals in the dining car and access to the outdoor viewing platform. (GoldLeaf is not available on the Denver/Moab route.)
  • If traveling in GoldLeaf Service is important to you but your hotels aren't as important, then you can save money by choosing GoldLeaf on the train and SilverLeaf hotels.

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