FAQ: How much does a Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip cost?

Front of the Rocky Mountaineer

One of the most important questions that come up when you’re planning a vacation is, “How much will it cost?” The answer is that the price of the trip depends on a number of factors: when you travel, how many people travel together, whether you choose Silver or GoldLeaf Service on the train, which hotels you choose and when you make your reservations. This last variable is new. Starting in 2025, Rocky Mountaineer will be using “dynamic pricing.” That means that as availability decreases, prices increase, so different dates in the same month may have different prices for the same trip.

I have never been one to rush travelers into making a travel decision. However, if you do want to travel on the Rocky Mountaineer in 2025, you may want to book earlier than you usually do for a trip or you may want to wait and hope that the date you want to travel is not particularly popular, and so you get a bargain.

We are available 7 days a week to answer any price questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you: 1-800-913-9207 / 1-604-900-8671.

How much does the Rocky Mountaineer cost?

The shortest Rocky Mountaineer train package includes two days on the Rocky Mountaineer, breakfast and lunch on the train both days, one night at a hotel in Kamloops, the midpoint on the journey, and transportation between the train station and hotel in Kamloops. The package also includes snacks as well as alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on the train.

The price of this 2 day / 1 night package, like all Rocky Mountaineer packages, depends on several factors: How many people are traveling?
When do you want to travel?
Do you want Silver or GoldLeaf Service on the train? Do you want Silver or GoldLeaf hotels?

The following table lists total per person prices for Single travelers, two travelers sharing a room and three travelers sharing one room.

Do I have to pay for the whole trip when I book?

No. You will pay a 20% non refundable deposit when you book. You will pay the balance of the trip 60 days before you travel.

Is there a less expensive time to travel on the Rocky Mountaineer?

Yes. If you travel early or late in the season, in April or October. The most expensive time to travel is the first two weeks in July during the Calgary Stampede because hotel rooms in Calgary are at their most expensive during the Stampede.

Keep in mind as you plan your trip, that Spring comes late to the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louise, for example, thaws around the middle of June. If you travel in April or May, you can expect Winter and early Spring conditions in the Rockies. If you travel in early October, you might also experience a little snow, but you’ll also get to see the leaves changing color.

What is Rocky Mountaineer’s cancellation policy?

You pay a 20% non refundable deposit when you book your Rocky Mountaineer train trip.

How can I cut down on the cost of the trip and still have a great experience?

There are several things you can do. First you may want to travel early or late in the season. You may have snow in April, early May and October, but I’ve traveled in both May and October when there was snow and it didn’t interfere with the enjoyment at all. Of course, if I lived in a place that had a lot of snow during the winter, I may not feel the same way.

You might also consider removing a hotel night in Calgary (if your package has one) and taking the airport shuttle directly from Banff National Park to Calgary airport.