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Vancouver BC
In July 1997, I drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to Vancouver with a friend. Our plan was to spend three days in Vancouver, then continue east to the prairies and finally drive back into the US and return home to Berkeley, California.

That was the plan, but that’s not what happened because I couldn’t leave Vancouver. Three days stretched into three weeks and would have stretched on indefinitely if we were not two people and two dogs sharing the small house of a friend. We left, reluctantly, when it was clear we were wearing out our welcome.

Once back in California, I vowed that some day I would figure out a way to move to Vancouver. The opportunity came sooner than I expected.

In early August I started thinking about the new semester. I was teaching at a community college in the Silicon Valley and had to prepare for my return to the classroom. I went to work and had a chance encounter with my new dean. It wasn’t a happy event, and I left the meeting wondering how I would ever make it through the year.

I was depressed all evening, and went to bed very unhappy.

The moment I awoke the following morning, I knew I was moving to Vancouver, and I knew I was doing it immediately.

It took about three weeks to rent my house, sell my convertible, find a place to live in Vancouver and make arrangements to work half time designing and building an online learning environment for the college, something I had wanted to do anyhow and something I could do remotely.

The move was an unqualified success. I designed the online learning environment and then used it for two and a half years to teach my classes in the Silicon Valley from Vancouver.

In 2000, I quit my job in California and devoted myself to promoting my adopted city by starting and developing a website for visitors to Vancouver, BCPassport.

In 2003, I converted a section of the site to a website of its own, Canadian Rockies Trains.

Since that time, thousands of travelers have told us what they’re looking for in a Canadian Rockies vacation, and we strive to make our packages , many of them unique and all of the flexible, reflect the interests, schedules and budgets of our clients.

Thanks for visiting Canadian Rockies Trains and for taking the time to learn more about us. We appreciate the chance to hear from you and work with you.

Susan Adrian

255-1641 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J5