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Travel Insurance for your Train Trip

Our company, Canadian Rockies Trains, has been dealing with train travelers for more than 20 years. Some of our travelers have had to take advantage of their insurance because an accident, illness or unforeseen issue presented itself before they were able to travel or while they were traveling.

Rocky Mountaineer works with Allianz for its travel insurance. However, we suggest you shop around because numerous clients have said the process of filing a claim and getting a refund from Allianz is very difficult. Buying insurance is easy. Collecting on a legitimate claim can be much more difficult.

In order to significantly reduce the chance of our travelers having to deal with difficult travel insurance companies, we researched reliable travel insurance providers. The company we like best is Costco Travel. The only issue is that Costco Travel provide insurance for Costco members. It might be worth your while to become a Costco member just to use their travel services which include insurance.

When we searched online for travel insurance vendors, we discovered a lot of websites that supposedly review travel insurance companies are not actually reviewing them but only advertising a few companies in return for healthy commissions. Most of these websites ignore what actual people say about their travel insurance experiences.

However, we did find what we believe to be a reliable travel insurance site: Insure My Trip. This company actually relies on the reviews of thousands of travelers and does not recommend a company that doesn’t have at least a 4 star, out of 5, rating.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider either Costco or Insure My Trip website as travel insurance options.

Another option is to read this article from Forbes that includes suggestions about Travel Insurance providers.

We are not affiliated with either Costco or Insure My Trip in any way and we do not make any money on any transaction between you and the company. We are making these recommendations because we want our travelers to have the best possible travel and insurance experience.